March 27, 2017

Noelle Downing (@noelledowning IG) w/ Juicy Couture Sucre

I always find myself doing various things, and last weekend I ended up volunteering for OMG DESSERT GOALS event. This has been my second time volunteering because I mean why not?!? The second time around was better! Bigger! The first time, it was their very first event and it was more DIY, we did the candy bar ourself, we did the decoration ourself, handed out the complimentary box water ourself. Now they had sponsors like, Bodum, Juicy Couture, and Bustle. What is "OMG DESSERT GOALS" it's a small dessert festival where some of the most instagramable dessert come and unite forces under one room. Did I just make this festival sound like it's from Avengers? I mean it has been sold out all three days! I'm glad to be a part of this growing festival, and it's nice to gain experience through volunteering! Hope to see you in the summer!

Morning crew set up!

Dylan's Candy Bar freebies! (Which I was in charged of for most of the day)

Juicy Couture + Bustle Sponsors. (Before and after)



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  1. Had no idea you could volunteer for this! How cool! Might be dangerous though, we'd probably overdo it with the samples ��