CATSKILL HIKING (Vly and Bearpen Winter hike)

April 12, 2017

Trail to Bearpen & Vly summit.

  A few weekends ago we decided to hike up two summits Vly and Bearpen. The elevation gain is 1,253' feet to Vly and another 756' to Bearpen mountain. This has been our second hike up, and it was zero degrees! What an experience! Our lashes even turned to ice! I got proof! If you plan to hike these two trails and expect a worth while summit.. then this is not for you. Both "summits" were quite underwhelming, actually it will make you upset because you hiked so far to get rewarded but there's nothing but more trees. Don't get me wrong Bearpen had a small open field with a little view, but Vly had nothing at all. 

Overview of this Hike:

Distance: 6.51 miles round trip from the South side of Rt 3 from Fleischmanns.
Time: Average 4.00 hours round trip in the Summer - 4.50 hours round trip in the Winter
Elevation Gain: 1,253' feet to Vly and another 756' to bearpen mountain.
Best Time to Hike: Anytime.
Difficulty: Difficult for Vly and Easy for Bearpen
VO Map No: Unmarked old logging roads

Catskill Highest: #32 for Vly and #27 for Bearpen
Peak Elevation: 3,529' for Vly and 3,603' for Bearpen
Digital Mapper for Vly Mtn: Topo Terrain Satellite
Digital Mapper for Bearpen Mtn: Topo Terrain Satellite

Attractions: Large number of great views from the top of Bearpen mountain
Attractions: Easy hike up to the summit
Unattractions: Prickers if you go off the logging roads
Unattractions: Vly Mountain doesn't have views
Dangers: None known.
Common Animals: Deer, bears, bobcats, bears, rabbits, grouse, procupines, etc.
Risky Animals: Rattlesnakes (none known)Bears (Moderate),
Access Methods: Foot, ski, snowmobile, snowshoe - 4WD and Mountain bikes on Rt 3
(Souce catskillmountaineer)

From the parking lot, you hike through a road and you reach this hunting cabin which is the junction for both Vly and Bearpen mountain! To the right begins the Vly hiking trail and to the left is the Bearpen trail.


Family picture with the grey tin canister circled above, which is what will tell you that you've reached the top of Vly mountain. (Mmm, no view at all just a damn canister!)

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