Two Door Cinema Club Show @ Brooklyn Steel 5/1

May 03, 2017

Finally! After months of anticipating.....
 1) Brooklyn Steel opened their doors on April 6, for a 5 day run with LCD Soundsystem.
 2) My anticipated TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB show was finally here! (The elementary school girl in me died a little)

Not many of you know, but the Brooklyn Steel recently opened their doors to a brand new Williamsburg concert venue! It is a GA only, 1800 capacity venue, so it's a middle ground from Webster Hall, and Terminal 5.  The place has a very industrial feel, I mean it's called the Brooklyn Steel... hehe Anyways so finally (FINALLY) get to cross out Two Door Cinema Club on my concert bucket list, my 13yr old self was rejuvenated! Sometimes I have really high hopes for the bands I see, and sometimes they disappoint, actually I'm lying they all impress press me. Their stage presenceSo their opening band, which was great by the way, should give them a listen was Blossoms Band, from the UK. I would definitely see them again, their stage presence is so natural, and Alex Trimble is so kind!!! The perks of waiting in line at 1pm, is meeting the band usually coming in for soundcheck.
If you want to see picture of inside the Brooklyn Steel, click here. Below is a few shots I took from my GoPro Silver 4 (pretty impressive btw in low light, even the videos I shot), and the rest are shot from my Iphone7. I really wanted to bring my camera but I didn't want to risk having to get slowed down if I couldn't bring it inside.  Enjoy!

Two Door Cinema Club taken with a GoPro4 Silver 
Lead Singer of Blossoms Band

Tom Ogden, lead singer of Blossoms Band
Alex Trimble

Alex Trimble and I hehehehheheehehe
If you want to see picture of inside the Brooklyn Steel, click here.

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